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Cygnus is Software Enterprise Reporting Product Suite, which is being developed by Cygnus Technology.Whether you sell business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) or Internet or Internal Business Application, Cygnus Personalize your business intelligence environment with a flexible, simple-to-use Ajax Driven UI Friendly Web interface. Drag-and drop-interface lets you create original reports on the fly; no need to wait for IT or search for existing content. Bring external information into your business with RSS feeds and widgets. Integrate your dashboard into third-party portals.

Cygnus is being developed by Technology based on Ajax Driven, Web2.0, J2EE Integrated Enterprise Reporting Suite. Cygnus is a powerful, flexible, and easy to use web reporting solution that provides browser based, parameter driven, dynamic report generation and flexible report scheduling capabilities. Cygnus supports a variety of open source reporting engines to provide support for a wide range of reporting requirements and capabilities. Cygnus also includes QueryReports and ChartReports, easy to create SQL based reports that do not require a predefined report definition.

  • Distributed systems that store, analyze and make available various CRM information
  • CRM and Enterprise Reporting data exchange applications
  • CRM and Enterprise Reporting management systems

Our Expertise

  • Technologies: .NET, JAVA, JSP, C#, C,C++, VB, ASP, SOL
  • Protocols: Selker&Simoon, NEMSIS
  • Connectivity: IrDA, USB, Bluetooth, Serial
  • Operating System: Windows, Unix/Linux, VxWorks