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Web2.0 is a Web application that facilitates Interactive information sharing, Interoperability, User-centered design, Colaboration, etc. User Centered design, crowd sourcing, collaboration, power decentralization, Dynamic content, SaaS and rich user experience are key features of Web2.0.

Our Solution

Cygnus Provides different services as solution which are listed below:

  • Strategy and Brainstorming
  • Architecture and design
  • Devlopment
  • Support and training
  • Custom Controls and Components

Complex Solution

We understand client environments can be very complex and challenging with a mixture of technologies, such as XML, Java, Javascript, AJAX, FABridge and Flex all needing to communicate seamlessly, not including open source AJAX toolkits such as Yahoo YUI, Dojo and many others. In our experience we have encountered all these technologies and some not so well known. eLink leverages open source and commercial solutions to best help our clients meet their business objectives. No matter how complex your environment, we are ready for the challenge!

Our Expertise

Cygnus employs the latest methodology, tools and design strategies to achieve an optimized solution:

  • Web2.0 solutions: Ajax Driven UI,Ajax widgets, JQuery, YUI, Flex, Dojo
  • Technology: Java, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, YUI, .NET, J2EE
  • Database: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server
  • Operating System:
  • Adapter Development Kit
  • Tools: Eclipse IDE, Aptana IDE, NetBeans, SubVersion